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Czy istnieje minimalna kwota windykacji

Is there a minimum debt collection amount? This question is on the minds of many entrepreneurs, especially those grappling with unsettled payments. In today’s article, we will dispel doubts and examine whether there is a clearly defined threshold at which it is worthwhile to initiate the debt recovery process.

What is the minimum debt collection amount?

In Polish law, there is no minimum debt collection amount. This means that even a debt of a few zlotys can lead to debt collection actions.

However, before you start the process, it’s worth considering the costs and determining whether they are justified in relation to the amount of the debt. Remember that you can also seek assistance from companies that, under a fixed subscription, handle even the smallest receivables.

Below are some potential costs that may arise in connection with the traditional debt recovery process.

  1. Administrative Costs:
    • Fees related to preparing documents and formalities associated with the debt recovery process.
    • Costs related to sending reminders and payment demands.
  2. Communication Costs:
    • Expenditures on phone calls, email correspondence, or shipments related to debt collection.
    • Costs associated with monitoring communication with the debtor.
  3. Legal Costs:
    • Fees for lawyers or firms providing legal services within the debt recovery process.
    • Court fees associated with any legal proceedings.
  4. Costs related to court enforcement:
    • Bailiff fees in the case of directing the case to judicial enforcement.
    • Costs associated with all enforcement actions, such as seizing a bank account or judicial auction of the debtor’s property.
  5. Costs of debt collection firms:
    • Fees for the services of debt collection firms, which may offer assistance in the debt recovery process.
  6. Time Loss Costs:
    • In the case of conducting the debt collection process independently, costs associated with the loss of time that could be devoted to other aspects of running a business.

It is worth noting that not all of these costs necessarily occur simultaneously, and their amount may depend on the specifics of each case. For many entrepreneurs, it is also important to consider whether these costs are justified in the context of the potential amount to be recovered and whether opting for professional services might be more efficient and cost-effective.

Is debt collection for small amounts cost-effective?

The cost-effectiveness of debt collection for small amounts depends on several factors. It is worth considering whether the costs associated with the debt collection process do not exceed the actual amount to be recovered. Using traditional methods, the minimum debt collection amount at which the process becomes profitable is usually several thousand zlotys.

The entire debt collection process is comprehensive and involves several key stages. Below is a general overview, describing what happens at each of them.”

  1. Payment Reminder: At this stage, the creditor sends a payment reminder to the debtor for the overdue payment. This typically represents the first attempt at reaching a settlement without the need for external debt collection agency services.
  2. Payment Demand: If the reminder does not yield results, the creditor may send a more assertive payment demand, specifying potential legal consequences in case of non-settlement of obligations.
  3. Soft Debt Collection: In the absence of a response from the debtor, soft debt collection may be initiated. This stage involves professional debt collection agencies taking action to achieve an amicable resolution without resorting to court proceedings.
  4. Legal Proceedings: If soft debt collection proves unsuccessful, the creditor may decide to initiate legal proceedings. In this case, the matter is transferred to the court, which may issue a judgment requiring the debtor to repay the debt.
  5. Court Enforcement: Following the court judgment, if the debtor still fails to meet the obligations, steps can be taken for court enforcement. This means that a bailiff can employ various measures, such as seizing a bank account or auctioning the debtor’s property, to recover the debt.
  6. Continuation of Debt Collection Actions: Even after obtaining a judgment and potential enforcement, debt collection actions may persist, especially if the full amount of the debt has not been recovered. Debt collection firms may continue efforts to settle the remaining obligations.

For smaller amounts, it is often more sensible to seek solutions such as an amicable settlement or to use the services of companies offering subscription-based assistance.

Minimum Debt Collection Amount – How to Enforce Small Receivables as a Company?

In the case of small receivables, it’s worth considering various debt collection methods. You can:

Cash Collector provides effective support, especially in the recovery of low amounts, through automated processes, global operation, and low costs. The platform, in collaboration with a specialized network of lawyers and bailiffs coordinating actions tailored by AI, operates in accordance with the prevailing legal regulations and ethical standards.


Na czym polega problem z windykacją małych należności?

The problem with debt collection for small receivables often lies in the costs and time investments required for a successful collection process. In the case of low amounts, traditional debt collection methods may be less cost-effective. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to explore modern solutions that allow for efficient recovery, even for small sums. It’s also important to note that the timeliness significantly influences the effectiveness of the debt collection process, so delaying the decision-making is not advisable

How to avoid unnecessary costs associated with debt collection?

To avoid unnecessary costs associated with debt collection, it is advisable to invest in solutions that are both effective and economical. Cash Collector offers a transparent price list, which helps avoid unpredictable expenses. This way, a company can efficiently manage the debt collection process, minimizing unnecessary expenditures.

Is there a minimum debt collection amount? The answer depends on various factors, but one thing is certain – modern solutions make the recovery process even for small receivables simpler, more cost-effective, and efficient. It is worthwhile to invest in tools that enable effective debt collection, regardless of the amount owed. More information about the Cash Collector service can be found on the website