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Our platform supports debt recovery in Poland as well as in all European Union countries. In each of these countries, we have a lawyer who collaborates with us to effectively recover your debt.
Contact us at We have a network of cooperating lawyers in various countries. We will check if we can assist you.
For using the platform, which also offers support in court collection, you only pay a subscription regardless of the quantity or value of invoices. Additional fees occur when filing a lawsuit and are based on legal regulations. These include court registration fee, power of attorney fee, and are calculated individually by the lawyer when filing the lawsuit. We charge a one-time additional fee for handling and sending the necessary documents to the Court.
No. We are able to handle any case without a minimum debt amount.
Yes, simply do not pay for the next period, and the purchased subscription will expire at the end of its validity period. Canceling the subscription when there are ongoing court cases means that we lose the ability to represent you in court, so please contact us first at
Yes. Our solution supports court collection. In a few simple steps directly in the application, you fill in the information based on which we will file an effective lawsuit on your behalf. You don't have to worry about preparing complex motions and documents.
While pursuing your debts, our lawyer will calculate all the interest and fees owed to you. In the case of successful collection, the entire amount owed to you will be returned to you, and you will only pay us the subscription fee.