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Collect debt faster
and more efficiently - in a professional and ethical manner.

We are your support on the road to recovering outstanding receivables.

Cash Collector is a fully automated debt collection system for businesses. We respond to the real needs of entrepreneurs. We support both amicable and judicial debt collection – in Poland, as well as all European Union countries.

Did you know that more than 60% of invoices are paid late?Maybe this problem affects you as well?

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Recover receivables in a modern and faster way

Unfair contractors are a problem faced by up to 75% of Polish entrepreneurs. Cash Collector meets this challenge by enabling personalized and effective enforcement of overdue payments. It is the first fully automated platform in Poland to use artificial intelligence algorithms to select debt collection actions tailored to each case.

Collect effectively in all countries of the European Union

We know how regulations can vary from country to country, and we understand concerns about the language barrier. With Cash Collector you effectively collect debts both in Poland and in all EU countries. We take care of the legal issues and formalities.

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Get professional support from specialists

We cooperate with a network of specialized lawyers and accountants. We are perfectly familiar with the regulations in force in the various countries of the European Union. Experts associated with the Cash Collector Platform will help you at every stage of debt collection and advise you on the best and, above all, effective solutions.

What sets us apart?

Permanent subscription

Regardless of the value of the amounts collected or the number of your invoices, you will pay a fixed amount for the use of the service, you will pay a fixed amount – from as little as PLN 275 per month.. This is less than a telephone consultation at the law firm.

Tailored actions

Tailored actions Cash Collector's artificial intelligence algorithms will analyze your request and help select the most effective actions for each case.

Intuitive platform

Use the Cash Collector app on your laptop or on your phone. With our product, you can control the collection process the way you like, wherever you are.

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Contact us.

Our Customer Service specialists will be happy to answer questions and dispel any doubts.

    Feedback from our customers

    Piotr Pietras

    Prezes Zarządu Green Lanes Sp z o.o

    "With Cash Collector, I can finally focus on the development of my business, knowing that I leave the collection issues to professionals who will take care of them better than I can myself. This is a huge saving of time and, above all, money. Gone are the frequent visits to the law firm, the premiums for collection companies, the complicated translation of documents when we're talking about foreign debt collection, and a lot of stress associated with it."

    4.5 rating based on 1,234 ratings

    Sebastian Krawczyk

    V-ce Prezes Zarządu JMJ Spółka z o.o. Spółka Komandytowo Akcyjna

    "In business relationships, ethics and professionalism have always been very important to me. However, it is difficult to have ethical debt collection that will not affect the contact with the counterparty when financial issues remain unresolved. By automating the process, we put debt recovery in the hands of technology, which manages collection actions on its own - with my approval, but without my involvement. Thus, I feel that with Cash Collector I don't have to worry about my dialogue with the counterparty in the end."

    5.0 rating based on 1,234 ratings

    Mateusz Kołodziejczyk


    "A tool that effectively protects my company from payment bottlenecks - this is how I could describe Cash Collector in a few words. I work in the transportation industry, and the problem of overdue invoices was common in my case. Finally, I feel that I have dealt with it and with a low cost I am fully in control of the situation. And if I have any questions, customer service always clarifies the matter."

    5.0 rating based on 1,234 ratings

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